In natural extension of our competent work in property valuation we also offer specific consultancy regarding real estate projects. Over time we have assisted our clients with a wide variety of projects. This might entail cases regarding inspection and estimation, valuation of distressed assets, Limited Partnership property assets, preparation for court cases, valuations of various property courts, urban development cases and more.

Furthermore we have great success in protesting property taxes and municipal reimbursement duties on commercial property where we work closely with legal experts.

Scheel & Co. assist our clients as acquisition consultants spanning the entire range from particular cases to strategic cooperation and acquisition mandates. With our broad experience in matters concerning property investment and – consultancy, we play an active part in molding our client’s strategic profile, where we set up the best possibly strategy suited to the client’s wishes. We follow up by remaining an active team player when it comes to market screenings, due diligence, and actual purchase negotiations.

Our vendor consultancy takes as its outset the proper optimisation of the specific property or property portfolio with view to selling, so that the actual value and potential can be realised and the highest price achieved. Optimisation follows a thorough due diligence process concerning the specific property or property portfolio. We analyse all possibilities of utilisation including: utilisation rate of tenant composition, negotiation of rental contracts, conversion potential, tax optimisation and more. This forms the background for us being an active player in the production of sales material and terms and conditions, as well as in the subsequent sales process.