Scheel & Co. has thorough knowledge of the real estate market. We valuate all types of properties, yet our primary focus is rental properties and commercial properties in Copenhagen and the greater Copenhagen area.

Our valuations always follow internationally fixed standards and best practices when it comes to valuation of properties. We have through knowledge of the priciples guiding valuation of real estate as well as the underlying conditions relevant for a proper understanding of the real estate market such as legislation regarding rent, legislation concerning taxes, financial climate etc.

We constantly remain updated regarding the latest prices for  property trades and  ditto rentals, as well as closely monitoring the newest trends governing the real estate market both domestically and abroad, and the interplay between the private and exchange registered parts of the real estate market.

Our employees strongly combine excellent educations in the fields of economics, finance and property valuation with long practical experience. Furthermore many of them function as lecturers and examiners at fiploma programme for property valuation.


We are active on the German market as well, and can draw upon a broad network geographically covering much of Germany. Down there we mostly concern ourselves with residential rental properties in larger cities in addition to Limited Partnership (Kommanditgesellschaft)-projects in various sectors.